Telemedicine, other inventions shaping healthcare sector in 2022

One of the fastest growing sectors in the world is the ‘healthcare sector’ which, according to IGI Global, includes hospitals, sanatoriums, nursing and care homes, medical and dental practices, ambulance transportation, complementary medicine and other health activities such as medical laboratories, scientific and research services across a range of organisations within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

The PubMed Central, while identifying phases of development in the healthcare industry, noted it has passed through technological developments from anesthetics and antibiotics to magnetic resonance imaging and radiotherapy.

Meanwhile, among the core inventions of the sector is Telemedicine which has also become an important value of the present age culture of ‘less time, multiple responsibilities’ of which DelveInsight argued that adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) and Robotics would make Hospitals smarter in the fast-pace world.

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Some notable inventions bringing healthcare closer to 21st Century man along (Telemedicine)

The healthcare sector is one driven by constant technological inventions purposely to bring about easier accessibility to healthcare services.

This, according to Cleveland Clinic, has resulted in the inventions of mRNA vaccinology (an advancement in generation, purification and cellular delivery for treating cancer and Zika viruses), Novel drug for treatment of type 2 diabetes and Artificial intelligence for early detection of sepsis among others.

Howbeit, the notable and most appreciative invention is Telemedicine which our enrollees can enjoy through our Wellness Plus App, ensuring that patients avoid time wasting mobility to hospital for treatment.

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